Captain Percina Saunders

“Captain Percina Saunders” is a comedy, space-opera series.

picture1 percina

The first two mini-cycles are being published by the good folks at Daily Science Fiction (DSF)

Perils In Perfection

Perils in Partners

Perils in Pets

Perils in Piracy

Perils in Promotion

Dangers of Dangling

Dangers of Dancing

Dangers of Darlings

Dangers of Do-gooding …due on 25th January

Dangers of Delivery

The characters were invented on the spur of the moment to be the mouthpieces for a comedy short I’d dreamt up featuring two people stuck in sinking sand: one of whom was calmly explaining the differences between the reality and the myth of what you could expect to happen. I submitted this piece to DSF and they accepted it. I noticed DSF was in the market for serial stories and, after exploring various ideas (which either turned out to be too long, or off-genre) I returned to these characters to see if they had any other adventures to relate. I was delighted to discover they did. DSF accepted the full series of ten stories, listed above.

I now have a whole bunch of stories (including the ones above) sitting in a file on my computer, in various states of completion. My (vague) plan is to tidy these up one day and, when the rights revert to me, publish the entire collection.

While I’m still interested in the characters, I’ve also sketched out a novel length adventure.

A couple of really minor points:-

  1. COMEDY: I’m aware that one person’s meat is another’s poison, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of what makes us laugh. The ‘jokes’ in the stories are ones I genuinely found amusing, so you can probably draw your own conclusions concerning what my friends have to put up with.
  2. FORMATTING: There have been a few formatting “misses” before going to publication (missing italics) on DSF’s webpage. These things happen. Hopefully this hasn’t caused too much confusion when reading the stories. Thanks for your patience 🙂

(The graphics above tell you about the extent of my artistic talents. I’ll try better…soon. They feature images from famous female pioneers of flight.)