Captain Percina Saunders

NEWS: the third story arc appears exclusively on this site! Scroll down and click away! Or, if you’re new to Percina, check out the earlier tales. Each ‘episode’ is a self-contained story, so feel free to flit about.

“Captain Percina Saunders” is a comedy, space-opera series.

picture1 percina

The first two story arcs have been published by the good folks at Daily Science Fiction (DSF)

Perils In Perfection

Perils in Partners

Perils in Pets

Perils in Piracy

Perils in Promotion

Dangers of Dangling

Dangers of Dancing

Dangers of Darlings

Dangers of Do-gooding

Dangers of Delivery

The next (and brand new!) story arc appears exclusively here:-

Troubles with Tut

Troubles with Transportation

Troubles with Testing

Troubles with Titans

Troubles with Tills



FUTURE PLANS: The plan is to collect the  stories with some new tales and release them as a collection some time.

(NOTE: The graphics above tell you about the extent of my artistic talents. I’ll try better…soon. The current images feature famous female pioneers of flight.)