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A Horribly Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I was tempted to post the following (very very) short little tale yesterday but:

  1. It was a bit downbeat to start the new year
  2. After the 2017 Advent Calendar countdown, I didn’t want people thinking I was going to try for an entire year’s almanac worth of stories!

The offered story is in the (projected) next volume of collected horror short stories that I’ve been bundling and publishing (but utterly failing to promote) under the James Livermore by-line. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to finish collecting these old horror stories.

Have a wonderful, productive, peaceful and yet packed-full 2018 !

Warmest regards,

Jez Patterson



Christmas Fictions: “The Second Carol Sung”

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

I began this countdown mentioning the most famous piece of fiction connected with the festive season, and so it seemed both appropriate (and audacious) for me to revisit that very story for our final offering.

My thanks to those of you that have been reading and commenting on the stories. I hope they’ve been entertaining or, at the very least, offered something extra as you’ve waited, excitedly, for the big day to arrive.

Presenting “The Second Carol Sung”, a new story written specially to close off our Christmas countdown.

A very happy Christmas to one and to all!

Jez Patterson, 25th December 2017


Christmas Fictions: “The Man Who Invented Christmas: Part Two”

Day 24

Presenting the concluding part of the story begun yesterday: “The Man Who Invented Christmas: Part Two”

Just one day to go, folks…and so I’ll be posting the final story tonight–to be enjoyed with a fine glass of port, cigar, or whatever your tradition is… 🙂


Pictures By Frederic Remington – Photographs of original paintings, Public Domain

Christmas Fictions: “Risks in Reindeering”

Day 21

There’s a tradition on British TV that popular programmes make a Christmas Special episode (Doctor Who fans will be familiar with this). At the end of 2016 and early 2017, I was fortunate enough to see published some stories featuring a serial character of my own creation–Captain Percina Saunders–and so I decided to give her a Christmas special episode.

For those not familiar with the series: Percina was once a captain with ‘The Fleet’ but lost her position after she married her first mate, Martin. Following her demotion, she has to take whatever jobs that come her way…

In this special Christmas episode she and Martin have to deal with the Risks in Reindeering…



Christmas Fictions: “The Christmas Stuffing”

Day 19

A story told in a gentlemen’s club is always a traditional set up. In my own tale, I worried over the attitudes of the members (from its very stipulation as a ‘gentlemen’s’ club, such places are, after all, little more than locker rooms with better décor). The balance I finally settled on was to keep it short…but not particularly sweet. Presenting: “The Christmas Stuffing”