These are the stories “still available” at their respective venues…

SF: Between Two Distant Shores There Lies Space For an Ocean Of Troubles – reprint – Sins and Other Worlds (forthcoming)

SF: The Tale of Immortal Madge (a SciFi Drabble) – Martian Magazine (forthcoming)- consider supporting their indiegogo campaign here

SF: “Metronombre” – Mind Candy Vol 2 “Mind Candy Too” (forthcoming)

SF: “Going back for Seconds” — reprint — “Timeshift” Anthology (forthcoming) – consider supporting their kickstarter: here

SF: “I Smell a Rat”Daily Science Fiction

SF: “Are Friends Eclectic” – Mythaxis

SF: “Of a Kind” – Mythaxis 

SF: “Childished” – in Daily Science Fiction

SF: “Alien Invasion, 1905” is a short ‘found footage’ film I had fun making a few years ago and put up on YouTube.

SF: “Box, Set” – in the anthology All Hail Our Robot Conquerors! by Zombies Need Brains (requires purchase)

FANTASY: “Charmed, I’m Sure” – in Daily Science Fiction 

SF: “To Erm is Human” – in Mythaxis

SF: “Going Back for Seconds” – in Daily Science Fiction

SF: “Last Times” – in Perihelion SF

SF: “The Hair-raising Spike” in Stupefying Stories

SF: “Timed Out” – in Mythaxis

SF Article: Predictions for 2017 (mine is the lucky 13th of the 15 invited authors…) – Perihelion SF

SF: “CAPTAIN PERCINA SAUNDERS” – a series of 10 adventures –  Daily Science Fiction. Check the publication dates if you want to read them in order. You can also find the follow-up series of 5 adventures exclusively on my website.

SF: “Tells of the Block Widowers” in Perihelion SF

SF: “Distant and Remote” in Mythaxis

SF: “Last Day of The Mute Ant” in Mythaxis

SF: “Whistle Harm, Parp” appeared in Mythaxis

SF: “Robot Rover” appeared in Mythaxis

SF: “Knowing Your Human” in Daily Science Fiction

SF: “Adalet” appeared in Mythaxis.

SF: “Squidge” appeared in 4star stories

FANTASY (children’s): “The Cave of Tigers” appeared in Spider Magazine, Sept 2014 (requires purchase). If you want to check out one of the great illustrations Julie Kim produced for the story: click here.

HORROR: “Waiting to be Seen” appeared in Metro Fiction

HORROR: “Heads” appeared in Kzine (requires purchase)

HORROR: “Walking The Dead” appeared in Tales of the Zombie War.

SF: “Aye-Nay” appeared in Mythaxis.

HORROR: “When We Lived In a House” appeared in EveryDayFiction

CRIME: “The Shoplifter” appeared in EveryDayFiction

FANTASY: “The Wiser of Oz” appeared in Stupefying Stories

HORROR: “Pignus” appeared in Cast of Wonders

SF: “The Party Boy” appeared in EveryDayFiction

HORROR: “In Circles” appeared in EveryDayFiction

HORROR: “Scream” appeared in Liquid Imagination

SF: “Berryblack” appeared in Fiction Vortex, November 2013.

GENERAL: “But No Cigar” appeared in Everyday Fiction.

SF: “Lyam” appeared in Daily Science Fiction.

FANTASY: “Coffee Pot” appeared in Daily Science Fiction.

ROMANCE: “Mishmatch” appeared in Everydayfiction

FANTASY: “The P’s Cat” appeared in Penumbra Literary Magazine (Madrid) (page 53)


Most of the venues listed above are paying (‘token ‘to ‘pro’ levels of pay) venues. Mythaxis, however, is an ad-free, labour-of-love venue that I’m happy to support with a tale or two (when I have something suitable to send them). If you’re a writer (or artist) yourself and wish to support it, then here are the submission guidelines.



  1. Jez, I just stopped by to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Percina Saunders series! I just finished reading your season finale, and I’ve got to tell you, they’ve been my favorite stories to come out of Daily Science Fiction since I joined up. I love the wit, the characters, the short but cleverly-resolved conflicts, and the fact that the husband and wife are happily married and supportive of each other despite their difficulties, which is disappointingly rare in stories these days. I really hope you’ll do a second “season” and we get to see what new adventures Baby Saunders will bring! Thanks for sharing your fun characters with us. =)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the stories. Yes, I’ve written some further adventures with the ‘new addition’ to the crew–it was simply too tempting to see how Percina and Martin would face their usual challenges but with this new ingredient stirred into the mix 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and best of luck and success with your own writing. Jez

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