The easiest way to get a “taste” of my short fiction is probably just to click on one of my published books on Amazon and read the preview portion (as these are short fiction collections, that usually guarantees at least a couple of tales).

Most of my submitted fiction happened a few years ago (although I still send out the odd piece now and then). Links to stories that are still available online  (most of them free to read, and pretty much all of them flash fiction) appear below:-


SF: “CAPTAIN PERCINA SAUNDERS” – a series of 10 adventures – currently being published –  Daily Science Fiction

SF: “The Hair-raising Spike” in Stupefying Stories‘s new sister magazine: Theian Journal

 SF: “Going Back for Seconds” – in Daily Science Fiction



(The following are stories still “available” — links to other stories under my byline no longer work)

SF: “Tells of the Block Widowers” in Perihelion SF

SF: “Distant and Remote” in Mythaxis

SF: “Last Day of The Mute Ant” in Mythaxis

SF: “Whistle Harm, Parp” appeared in Mythaxis

SF: “Robot Rover” appeared in Mythaxis

SF: “Knowing Your Human” in Daily Science Fiction

SF: “Adalet” appeared in Mythaxis.

SF: “Squidge” appeared in 4star stories

FANTASY: “The Cave of Tigers” appeared in Spider Magazine, Sept 2014 (requires purchase). If you want to check out one of the great illustrations Julie Kim produced for the story: click here.

HORROR: “Waiting to be Seen” appeared in Metro Fiction

HORROR: “Heads” appeared in Kzine (requires purchase)

HORROR: “Just One Question” appeared in Roar and Thunder

HORROR: “Walking The Dead” appeared in Tales of the Zombie War.

SF: “Aye-Nay” appeared in Mythaxis.

HORROR: “When We Lived In a House” appeared in EveryDayFiction

CRIME: “The Shoplifter” appeared in EveryDayFiction

FANTASY: “The Wiser of Oz” appeared in Stupefying Stories

HORROR: “Pignus” appeared in Cast of Wonders

SF: “The Party Boy” appeared in EveryDayFiction

HORROR: “In Circles” appeared in EveryDayFiction

HORROR: “Scream” appeared in Liquid Imagination

SF: “Berryblack” appeared in Fiction Vortex, November 2013.

GENERAL: “But No Cigar” appeared in Everyday Fiction.

SF: “Lyam” appeared in Daily Science Fiction.

FANTASY: “Coffee Pot” appeared in Daily Science Fiction.

ROMANCE: “Mishmatch” appeared in Everydayfiction

FANTASY “The P’s Cat” appeared in Penumbra Literary Magazine (Madrid) (page 53)



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