Some Late Summer Reading

Some very quick snippets of news before the summer has raced past us once again…

The next arc of stories in the Captain Percina Saunder series have just been posted, exclusively, on my website. 🙂

I’ve sold a couple of stories to Daily Science Fiction“Charmed, I’m Sure” (now live) and “Childished” (coming soon).

My story “Box, Set” in included in the anthology ‘All Hail Our Robot Conquerors’ (featuring recent Hugo Winner, Seanan McGuire) from ZNB Publications (who are also currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their next trio of themed anthologies.

The latest edition of Gil Williamson’s Mythaxis features another robot story of mine: “To Erm Is Human”.

I hope the summer can stretch its feathers a little longer (for those of us currently under its wing) and that all is well in your own patch of world.

Warmest regards,

Jez Patterson



  1. Charmed, I’m Sure rocks the Casbah. I gave it a 7 and would possibly have gone to eight if I could. The Nadira mysteries also sound like good fun!!!!! All the best to you, Jez.

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