A New Story

I’m delighted to report that another story of mine has just gone live on Daily Science Fiction and you can read it online here. DSF have a very intense publication schedule so there’s not always time for them to contact authors to provide story notes, author bios or even run through edits of the story. I’ve therefore provided a note on the story below:-

Going Back for Seconds started life as an opening line/image (as do several of my shorter pieces). I then followed things to see where they’d lead me. Sometimes this fizzles out like a damp firework, but sometimes it shoots up and explodes (and concludes) nicely. The story offers a nice contrast to my space opera comedy series DSF recently ran.

In other short story news, “Box, Set” is due to appear in August in the anthology All Hail Our Robot Conquerors!

With nothing else to report, let me just squeeze in a shout for a fellow writer’s project. Andrew Leon Hudson and a couple of enthusiastic collaborators are launching a ‘shared world’ project soon. ‘The Archipelago’ promises to be interesting both as a read as well as a new way to offer fiction for the e-generation. Their media campaign hasn’t exploded onto the net yet, but here’s a twitter link to bookmark for news of when it does.

Warmest regards,



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