Free Story

My first self-published work consisted of two long stories playing with the theme of fairy tales. The blurb is below. As an enticement to look a little closer at the book, I’ve written an extra, short tale using the characters in the second story. It’s a crime story whose inspiration will be quickly apparent. I’m calling it “Under the Hood” (UPDATE: sorry, folks, this is no longer available)

Twice Into The Woods

cropped-twice-into-the-woods-cover-by-alh.png powerpoint twice into the woods cover

Now available via Amazon.

Twice Into The Woods presents two stories in which we revisit the characters of traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes in two very different woods.

In ‘The One In The Woods’, a young boy spends a terrifying evening listening to new versions of the fairy tales his mother would tell him, in order to solve the mystery of why she abandoned him in the woods.

In ‘The House That Jack Bulldozed’, Detective Andersen investigates the death of Jack and Jill Green in a case that will show a famous Los Angeles fairy tale town to be anything but full of happy endings.

Now tell your children
For them to be good
All brave children go
Once into the woods.
But warn your children
To stay where they should
For none return from
Twice into the woods.

(The cover on the right was my draft cover for the book…the one on the left is the one ALH skilfully redesigned.)



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