LIO and LIO 2

Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, so I’ll be brief…

Last year saw me briefly return to submitting fiction to magazines. I had some successes, a couple of which you can catch this week.

Captain Percina Saunders is a comedy space opera series running on Daily Science Fiction. Each adventure is a self-contained story, but you can read them in order here.

Tells of the Block Widowers is appearing right now in Perihelion SF. The title is a pun-laden nod to two strands of Isaac Asimov’s prodigious output.

Last year I joined the self-publishing masses by putting some of my short fiction into volumes. I used several pen-names so I could split the genres. Here’s a selection if you want to check out the free previews on Amazon…

ColdHandsCOVER.jpg NMH-Complete.jpg douglas minton COVER 1.jpg CRIMINAL PLOTS 1.jpg

I gave my alter-egos their own sites: James Livermore (Horror), John Retford (Sci Fi, Superhero), Douglas Minton (Fantasy), PJ Atterton (Crime). That’s about as far as my marketing efforts went.

I’m hoping to focus on longer works in 2017, so feel free to remind me that’s what I promised to do. The nudge will be appreciated.

Have a great 2017!

Warm regards,

Jez Patterson

(Ah yes, the title above? Un lio = a disorganised mess (in Spanish). Lio 2 is its sequel. Written as LIO2 on a calculator,  it reads as 2017 upside-down. I know, I know…  🙂 )










  1. I’m curious, do you plan to someday publish the Adventures of Captain Percina Saunders in a book/ebook format? I really enjoy the stories on Daily Science Fiction

    1. Thanks, Steven, & I’m glad you’re enjoying them. The short answer is ‘yes’, although when exactly that might happen… DSF take 3 months exclusivity on stories appearing on their website, so the earliest would be this summer. Thanks for your interest and for stopping by. 🙂

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