Thanks for stopping by.

I created this site to force me into organising my short fiction–most of which still remains in first draft form in various files on my hard-drive.

I submitted some stories for publication, and a list of those still available (largely online venues and free to view) can be found here.

To help me in the organising process, I’m bundling up stories by genre and publishing them under the following pen-names:

HORROR: James Livermore (Cold Horror, Twinned Tales…)

SCIENCE FICTION: John Retford (No More Heroes, Things Unordinary…)

FANTASY: Douglas Minton (Strange Tides…)

CRIME: P.J.Atterton (Criminal Plots…)


Jez Patterson


  1. The saddest thing about a human pet is their short lifespan. You are friends with your pet for ninety years or so, and Poof! They’ve abandoned you. Might as well have a goldfish.

    Thanks for the smile. Allen Lang

    1. I’ll take your poly-nominal and raise you a pseudonymous pslacker! haha. (But only cos we want to see more weird westerns and MR James from you, claro) 🙂

  2. Yesterday during lunch break I read your story in my DailyScienceFiction mail and was delighted. Today I was going to read today’s story but I thought to myself, No, I’m reading yesterdays story again! It’s funny and sad at the same time and the solution is just perfect. Thanks for your wonderful story!

  3. Just read your:

    The opening feels clumsy. Better to just start with

    “Have you fed it?” Try and skip or delay the whole human aug / marriage wrinkle until much later. Or just tighten it up…


    “Have you fed it?” Ex-captain Percina Saunders asked her husband. “I don’t want the Tfiulk waking up. Their food is drugged to make flights less stressful.”

    “The Tfuilk didn’t say he was stressed,” replied Martin, once her first mate, now her superior, in rank if not in intelligence.

    “I wasn’t talking about the Tfuilk.”

    I like the premise, rather like this novel: Fuzzy Nation – John Scalzi

      1. Ah, three flash-fictions, all independent. Somehow I got the impression that the husband was only physically enhanced… Enjoyed the puns, “wring” and “polygamy.”

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