Christmas Fictions: “The Tunnel – Part Two”

Day 16

Concluding the story started yesterday. Presenting the mysterious goings-on a The Tunnel-Part Two.



Christmas Fictions: “The Tunnel – Part One”

Day 15

Charles Dickens wrote other Christmas tales. However, after ‘A Christmas Carol’, he is probably best remembered at Christmas time for a ghost story that has often been dramatized/read on Christmas Eve. That story is called ‘The Signal-Man‘ and I wanted to write something if not exactly in the same ghostly vein, at least something strange happening in and around trains.

Dickens’ works were invariably published in serial format and although I wasn’t following his example here, I hope I’ll be forgiven for telling the story over two successive days/nights due to the fact it’s longer than the other stories that I’ve posted so far.

So, perhaps not entirely a ‘Christmas’ story,  in the strictest sense, I present “The Tunnel – Part One” for your enjoyment.


Christmas Fictions

I have a few Christmas traditions.

  1. I listen to an audio book of Patrick Stewart reading A Christmas Carol
  2. I watch Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve (and, yes, I cry)
  3. I go for a walk immediately after eating Christmas dinner (I’m British, I can’t help it)
  4. Every year since 2010, I’ve sat down during the month of December and written a Christmas story…

The stories have been a mix of ghost stories, children’s stories, Christmas-themed tales… This year, to encourage me to ‘edit’ them, I’m going to post some on my website.

First up is The Christmas Gobble“, a story that gives a quick nod to The Grinch and which I wrote to be read/performed for children (hence the rather strange construction).





Some Late Summer Reading

Some very quick snippets of news before the summer has raced past us once again…

The next arc of stories in the Captain Percina Saunder series have just been posted, exclusively, on my website. 🙂

I’ve sold a couple of stories to Daily Science Fiction“Charmed, I’m Sure” (now live) and “Childished” (coming soon).

My story “Box, Set” in included in the anthology ‘All Hail Our Robot Conquerors’ (featuring recent Hugo Winner, Seanan McGuire) from ZNB Publications (who are also currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their next trio of themed anthologies.

The latest edition of Gil Williamson’s Mythaxis features another robot story of mine: “To Erm Is Human”.

I hope the summer can stretch its feathers a little longer (for those of us currently under its wing) and that all is well in your own patch of world.

Warmest regards,

Jez Patterson