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Publishing: My short fiction series Captain Percina Saunders is current being published online by the wonderful folks at Daily Science Fiction.

Writing: I’m currently working on a novel-length work.

I’m also in the process of organising my short fiction by genre:

HORROR: James Livermore (Cold Horror, Twinned Tales…)

SCIENCE FICTION: John Retford (No More Heroes, Things Unordinary…)

FANTASY: Douglas Minton (Strange Tides…)

CRIME: P.J.Atterton (Criminal Plots…)

In the past, I submitted some flash fiction tales to various online locations, a lot of which are still available to be read for free here.


  1. The saddest thing about a human pet is their short lifespan. You are friends with your pet for ninety years or so, and Poof! They’ve abandoned you. Might as well have a goldfish.

    Thanks for the smile. Allen Lang

    1. I’ll take your poly-nominal and raise you a pseudonymous pslacker! haha. (But only cos we want to see more weird westerns and MR James from you, claro)🙂

  2. Yesterday during lunch break I read your story in my DailyScienceFiction mail and was delighted. Today I was going to read today’s story but I thought to myself, No, I’m reading yesterdays story again! It’s funny and sad at the same time and the solution is just perfect. Thanks for your wonderful story!

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